JAGS Gospel ChoirJAGS has been inspiring and educating pupils for over 270 years. We're the oldest girls' independent school in London. While we are proud of our history – it's made us who we are – we are very much a school of the present and the future. We celebrate the best of the old while embracing the latest innovations and technology.
Our day school pupils are drawn from a dynamic variety of cultural, social and economic backgrounds, with 50 languages spoken at home. We currently have 126 pupils on our own Bursaries, with 51 of them on free places and an average of 89% fee subsidy paid. Diversity is our strength but we share a common purpose: to help all our pupils fulfil their potential. We know we are lucky and that we gain from sharing what we have. 'Good Neighbours' has been our policy for many years. We look outwards and draw people in. We are part of the world around us' 

Our Aims

  • To encourage all pupils to develop to their full potential by stimulating their intellectual curiosity, enthusiasm and imagination.
  • To promote excellence in academic, creative and athletic endeavours.To teach the value of integrity, morality and a concern for others.
  • To enhance pupils' appreciation of their own and other cultures.
  • To develop pupils' self-confidence and independence so that they are well equipped to play an active role in society.


jags ii_094315 (1)We are thrilled that we were awarded the prestigious Green Flag in November 2010, re-awarded in January 2013 and March 2015. Congratulations to everyone from the youngest Pre-prep pupil to the oldest Year 13, because this award is a reflection of the tremendous commitment we all make to looking after our environment. The assessor said, "I would like to congratulate you for all the time and effort that has been invested in environmental education at your school. Students and staff work really well together and it is good that students are allowed to take off with their own ideas."

For some time now we have been making sensible changes to our environmental initiatives: the ways in which we recycle waste, heat and light our buildings, look after our grounds, source our food. We care about global sustainability and know that we have a role to play. The Eco Group holds weekly meetings and gives assemblies across the school for pupils age 4-18.

Y7 on their first dayWe think of ourselves as good neighbours in our local community; everyone is actively encouraged to travel safely to and from school. We are linked with the Sustainable Services team from Southwark, the Dulwich Going Greener initiative, and take part in the Park and Stride week in May each year. Our Environment Manager, Mr Dave Benson, works to raise awareness of green issues and our environment using our copse, ponds and gardens with Year 7+8 pupils in Biology Club, the Pre-prep, neighbouring schools Bessemer Grange Primary and Turney School for children with special needs.