Scholarships and Bursaries

Recognising exceptional academic promise, we have up to 20 scholarships to award on the results of the 11+ Entrance Examination. Art and Music and Sports scholarships may be awarded to candidates showing outstanding potential, and these should be applied for at the time of registration. Instrumental Music scholars will audition, candidates for the Art scholarship will submit a preliminary sketchbook of work and Sports scholars will be called for sports aptitude tests. Not everyone will be selected for the final round of assessments. Music and Art scholarships may also be awarded for entry to the Sixth Form.

11+ scholarships are worth up to £4000 pa, although this top sum is awarded only to candidates showing exceptional promise.  In cases of need, the value of these scholarships may be increased by means-testing on the same basis as our bursaries. A few Sixth Form Academic scholarships of £1,000 pa are also available, and are awarded post mocks and then again post GCSEs.

We want JAGS to continue to attract intellectually curious girls, regardless of their economic background, so we have our own means-tested awards - James Allen's Bursaries.  Whilst the bulk of these, around 22, are available for 11+ entry and Sixth Form admission, they are also awarded for chance vacancy places, or may be applied for by current pupils, should their families find themselves falling on hard times.   Bursaries offer up to full-fee assistance, the cost of lunches, travel, uniform grants and public examination fees.   Educational trips are also covered.

If you want to be involved in giving to the 'James Allen's Bursary Fund', please contact the Bursary.  No fee income is spent on Bursaries: we finance these through the Bursary Fund, from our investment income and from charitable gifts from parents past and present, alumnae, former and current staff and other supporters of the school. We are aiming to fund more.

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