in-Community1JAGS in the Community – it makes us who we are.  Good Neighbours. It's not just the policy, which the Governors endorsed early in the 1990s – it's at the heart of everything we do.

Working with local schools and the community, sharing resources and learning from one another – teaching Music and Latin A level courses at no cost to pupils from a local state school

Being part of local school groups working on Safe Routes to School, Community Travel plans

Having our own Bursary scheme offering up to 100% fee remission, uniform, meals, transport and trips – currently 20 new pupils annually, 126 in the school today, on average getting 89% assistance

Helping to train teachers, placing around 9 a year alongside our expert teachers, working with Higher Education Institutes

Opening our sports facilities to 5000 Sports Club members first thing in the morning and after 6pm, all day at weekends and in the holidays

in-Community2Lending our swimming pool and our staff expertise to 7 local schools each week, hosting local and regional galas

Running a Saturday Literacy Scheme for 50 Year 3 children from 11 local schools – individually mentored by JAGS girls with tutors from Southwark Community Education Council

Hosting community groups such as EDGE and the Literacy Scheme at no cost

Running JASSPA (James Allen's Saturday School for the Performing Arts) – specialist termly music, dance and drama lessons for 500 children from all over South London

Running South London Youth Orchestra (four orchestras and two jazz orchestras) - holiday courses three times a year for 200 children and young people

Running JAGS Choral Society – concerts for local singers, all voices

Running James Allen Community Orchestra – concerts for local instrumental players, amateur and professional

Being part of the Southwark Schools' Learning Partnership, co-founded by JAGS' Headmistress, linking 3 independent and 8 state schools - hundreds of teachers sharing expertise and working together with pupils in many subjects

Opening our historic Botany Gardens and ponds to the public and to neighbouring schools

Becoming an Eco school, winning - and retaining - our Green Flag, and encouraging others to join us

Opening conferences we run to other schools and teachers – Philosophy Conferences annually attract large numbers from local schools and colleges.

Read the Community Action booklet for pupil perspectives on our volunteering projects.


Baytree Centre

4"I have volunteered at the Baytree Centre in Brixton for around a year now. It offers educational activities and family support for women and girls of all ages. I work under the PEACH (Parents Education Achievement and Character) mentoring scheme, which helps girls in both academic and personal development. However, there are many volunteers at Baytree who do not mentor and instead help run the after-school clubs such as cookery and street dance.

With one-on-one teaching the mentors get a chance to develop a special bond with their mentee.  Moreover, this way we can cater the teaching specifically to the child’s needs, whether this is academic subjects such as English or social skills such as confidence- building. I tutor a six-year-old girl and I look forward to going every Thursday because I can see her improve week by week. In September, she struggled with basic Maths but, with the help of many a diagram and even a pretend shop, she is now able to do multiplication. We also share a passion for geography, so at the end of every session we like to pick a page in the atlas and learn about a new country."

Sophie Meeran Y12