JAPS lead the way in London Special Leaders Award

As part of the London Special Leaders’ Award, school children across London were asked “if you were an engineer in London, what would you do?” This was certainly a question that got the Prep girls thinking as 181 girls from the Prep school submitted entries for this inaugural engineering and design competition. Out of over 1500 entries capital wide 27 of our girls were shortlisted. What an achievement! So many congratulations to the following girls who also won 7 out of the 8 possible prizes within our year-group category.

Well done:
Elizabeth and Sophia who won both Y3 group awards
Hermoine who won one of the two Y4 awards
Ayana and Isabella who won both Y5 year-group awards
Soraya and Betrys who won both Y6 awards

Inspired ideas from the girls included refurbished telephone boxes for charging mobile phones and a tiny drone designed to search amongst earthquake rubble for human survivors.

The girls will receive their awards at a special ceremony on 15 July at UCL.

The competition is jointly run by Primary Engineer, UCL, Doosan Babcock and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. There will be exhibition featuring the winning entries at University College London on 15 July. For more information