Y6 making a splurge in Bugsy Malone

“On the Opening Night I felt extremely nervous but at the same time exhilarated because this was the performance that was being filmed. I was thinking that in 20 years time it will be THIS performance I’ll be showing to my kids and husband!”

“I will always remember the Y6 play, especially the custard pies and splurge guns! I was so overjoyed when we found we would actually be using foam. I just couldn’t wait to start throwing those plastic plates filled with foam! Bugsy Malone is by far the messiest musical I know!” Delphine

“My Tallulah costume is quite possibly the most fabulous thing I’ve ever worn! I got to wear a purple tasselled dress, a fake fur stole, flapper pearls, a pair of shiny black shoes with little heels and a purple headdress with a feather. In it I had to sashay across the stage during my solo and wink at audience members.” Daisy S

“After the play had ended, backstage we had to wipe all of the splurge off and it was very messy but one thing I couldn’t wipe off my face was a smile! I enjoyed every minute of it.” Gaby


Lead image © Nobby Clark