Preparatory School Curriculum

curriculum-main-imageThe Foundation Stage relates to the Reception Year at the Pre-Prep. Our Early Years curriculum is exempt from the teaching and learning requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) but follows the guiding principles and breadth of the curriculum which it promotes. All areas of learning and development are regarded as interconnected and aim to provide challenging and enjoyable experiences. At this stage the curriculum is delivered through both indoor and outdoor activities and the Reception classes have their own designated outdoor area which is used as an extension of the classroom. A range of experiences are planned, often based on the children's spontaneous play. The Foundation Stage curriculum currently follows seven areas of learning:

The three prime areas of:
Communication and language
Physical development
Personal, social and emotional development

Alongside the four specific areas of:
Understanding the world
Expressive arts and design

Key Stage 1 covers Year 1 and 2 at the Pre-Prep. Teaching follows the guidelines set out in the National Curriculum and is designed to accommodate all learning styles. Key Stage 2 relates to Years 3 to 6 in the Prep School.

At all times it is the school's aim to build upon the previous successes of pupils, to engage them fully in their learning and to prepare them for the next stage of their school career.

All parents / guardians are warmly invited to attend the Curriculum Evenings which are held at the beginning of each academic year. During these evenings, staff present and explain the forthcoming syllabus. The Year 3 Curriculum Evenings take place before children join the Prep School, at the end of the preceding Summer Term.

Learning Enrichment including Gifted and Talented

The Learning Enrichment Department consists of three teachers who work closely with the other teachers to assess and provide for the needs of all the children. Staff members in the department are able to provide bespoke in-class support in addition to separate group work and individual tuition, depending on the particular needs of each child. The focus for these sessions could be curriculum support, addressing a specific area of need or providing accelerated extension work. The Prep School periodically hosts Inter-school Gifted and Talented Weekends.

Expert advice is available from outside agencies and parents are always kept informed regarding their child's needs and progress.

For those pupils who do not speak English at home, parents will be advised by the Headteacher if their child would benefit from 'English as an Additional Language' tuition.