Preparatory School Extra Curricular


Clubs provide opportunities to try exciting new things, forge friendships outside of the classroom and develop existing skills and interests. During their time with us, all girls have the option of joining extra-curricular clubs which take place after school. The Pre-Prep and Prep Schools offer a rotating variety of clubs, all of which have an age-appropriate length and focus. We encourage the girls to undertake clubs in the spirit of adventure and exploration.MusicWe offer a wealth of extra-curricular music opportunities to girls across all age groups. Girls need not be studying towards examination Grades in order to participate in our choirs, orchestras and ensemble groups.

psExtraCurricular2We employ a number of Visiting Music Teachers (VMTs). Our VMTs are talented musicians in their own right. Private lessons can be arranged to take place both during school time and after school. VMTs ensure that their pupils have regular opportunities to perform their pieces in front of a supportive audience in addition to following an examination syllabus.

Theory and Aural Clubs are available for those who would like extra support in this aspect of the syllabus or who have discovered a particular passion for this aspect of their musical education.


Girls of all ages and abilities are encouraged to swim for pleasure at the Prep School and Pre-Prep. We have two specialist Swimming Coaches in our P.E. Department who will support your daughter's progress in the water.Our competitive swimming squads have an excellent track record and squad members are invited to use our pool for early morning swimming sessions during the week. Squad training is available during lunchtimes and after school. Private lessons can also be discussed.Our dedicated P.E. Department provide opportunities for girls to be involved in individual and team sports at every level. Girls may choose to involve themselves in running, football, netball, rounders, hockey, roller-blading and martial arts in both competitive and recreational contexts.

Speech and Drama

Speech and Drama lessons are offered to all Prep School pupils as an optional extra. The main aim of the lessons is to equip the children with the tools to become effective communicators. The girls are given tuition in voice production and performance skills but, above all the lessons are fun! It is always pleasing to see the girls grow in confidence as the weeks progress.

Your daughter will follow the appropriate syllabus from a range provided by the English Speaking Board and you will be advised as to which of these your daughter is working through. Visit the ESB website for more information. To find out more about the relevant syllabus for each year group - Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6.