JAGS GCSE results 2016: 92% awarded A* or A

Amazing GCSE results to report from pupils at James Allen’s Girls’ School

 A* - 70%

A* or A - 92%

8 A*s or more - over 50% of candidates


What great news! We are so proud of all our 116 Year 11 girls who have out-performed even last year’s excellent exam candidates. 70% of all entries were graded A* and 92% of all entries were graded A*/A. 15 girls achieved A* in every subject. 1 girl achieved 12 A*, 9 girls achieved 11 A* and 17 girls achieved 10 A*.

Headmistress Sally-Anne Huang said ‘I am really thrilled that this great group of girls have achieved so highly.  The GCSE programme at JAGS requires them to take a broad range of subjects and to develop a wide range of skills so to have over 90% of all grades at A and above and so many girls gaining straight A*s is testament to their hard work in all areas and the fantastic academic departments at the school.  Now the girls can specialise and really stretch themselves academically in the sixth form and we look forward to welcoming them back next week.’

Academically and in extra-curricular activities, there are so many doors to open in the sixth form at JAGS. Speaking today, Ketty (9 A*, 1 A) said “I know when I’m older I want to do something with Maths and Physics. I’m going to take Maths, Further Maths, Physics and French at A level. I enjoyed Maths so much this year and taking Additional Maths, which you can take if you’re in the top set. I’ve also been learning French from a very young age and I think it’s really cool to be able to speak a foreign language. I think the relationship with the teachers will be even closer in the sixth form, studying in smaller classes and I’ll be focusing on subjects I absolutely love.” Like many others, Ketty has enjoyed giving back to her community, mentoring some Year 9 girls in Maths at lunchtimes, playing the piano, being part of the Swimming Squad and being actively engaged in Current Affairs club.

Katie (9 A*), also celebrating her results, has chosen to study Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Art at A level. She plays flute and piccolo in the Chamber Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra and in the Recorder Consort.  “It’s nice to show that the recorder is not just for small children. I’m working towards the Silver DofE Award and I play lots of tennis after school and coach younger girls at a local club. It’s been absolutely great at JAGS – all the teachers are so willing to help you and take time to go over things if you don’t understand. I really pushed myself to do as well as I could and I’ve realised I can actually achieve A*!”

With professional stage experience already under her belt, it isn’t surprising that Josie (10A*) can’t wait to get her teeth into A level Theatre Studies, alongside English, History and Politics. “The drama at JAGS in its entirety is fantastic and the music department is brilliant. I’m going to continue with singing lessons and being part of the Holst Choir in the sixth form.” Josie has been up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer, providing her with some of the thrills of live theatre, a module she’s really looking forward to, especially with all the mainstream and fringe theatre that London has to offer on our doorstep. Holly (11 A*, 1 A) added that the support all the way through GCSEs has been really good. “The teachers appreciate the need for balance and understand each other’s priorities - it’s not only about their own subjects.”

 Many departments are celebrating results. Head of MFL, Ms Cristina Sanchez-Satoca commented ‘Huge congratulations to all our amazing linguists. Girls took examinations in 9 different languages and achieved outstanding results. Behind these results there is a lot of effort, from girls and staff alike, and also tons of enthusiasm and passion for languages and foreign cultures. In a national scene in which the study of foreign languages is declining and is always under the spotlight, JAGS's unremitting commitment to excellence in language learning and cultural understanding offers an example of what can be achieved when language learning and teaching is key in the school curriculum.’

There’s huge respect here for all subjects and for the specialist staff who teach to such an outstanding level, often beyond the curriculum. It’s a good feeling for staff, pupils and their parents. We are excited that, in partnership, we have lifted A* numbers at both A level and GCSE. We can approach the new academic year with confidence and enthusiasm for all the opportunities in lessons and beyond it will bring.