Futurewise 2016

It’s good to have a fresh pair of eyes on your future when you’re deep into Mock GCSEs revision and uncertain which way to look. Y11 came back early in January for their Futurewise career interviews. Each girl had an individual 40 minute interview with an impartial careers adviser who helped her create an action plan for future research. With the help of the adviser, girls reflected on their psychometric profile assessment which was undertaken last year and from this were able to explore careers options in the light of their skills, interests and personal preferences.

Apart from anything else, it’s good to talk things through. Feedback was consistently positive: ‘My adviser was really helpful and really listened to what I was interested in and wanted to do. She also suggested some great careers that I hadn’t initially considered but will now look into.’ The girls found it very useful to review decisions they thought they’d made! Additional research material offered went down well too. ‘It was good that they gave specific references/books etc which may be useful in planning my future’. ‘I liked the HEAP book and now I know there’s a copy in the library’. ‘The websites the adviser recommended were really helpful and I’m looking forward to exploring them.’ Of course, there’s plenty of time still.
‘Although I’m confused about my future, my adviser has definitely pointed me in the right direction.’
It’s been nice for them to chat to adults beyond those at school. ‘The careers advice was very specific and I enjoyed talking about my interests.’ Always a great idea to start the year with a motivational meeting.