???????????????????????????????We enjoy excellent food in a lovely dining hall and cafe. Everyone on site, staff and pupils alike, has the opportunity to eat well in a beautiful space. Catering Manager Martin Benson espouses a vision of JAGS offering one of the finest school catering facilities in the country. He aims to give even the youngest pupils a dining experience to be proud of. Forget any image of conveyor belt stodge: girls are bursting to come through the doors because the servery is so good and there's so much choice! We want people to lunch here because it is so good, to enjoy chatting at the tables; there's plenty of room and time to appreciate what you are eating.

???????????????????????????????Food is locally sourced wherever possible. Local purchasing supports local businesses; for example Martin has delicious artisan bread baked daily by 'Born and Bread' in East Dulwich Deli. Meat is always fresh; pak choi, just one of the vegetables he buys, is sourced in Kent and he knows the eco-footprint of all his fruit and vegetables.

Martin and his team serve quality, healthy food and there are always several options. Healthy items include fresh fruit and salads, yogurts, low calorie sandwiches, baked potatoes and pasta, and there are always two fresh vegetables. Chilled mains water is there for everyone in the dining hall and throughout the school buildings.

You can read samples of the menus we enjoy, if it doesn't make you too hungry!