Houses & Charity

The House System at JAGS

There are four houses at JAGS: Bettany, ClarkeDesenfans and Holst, inspired by significant people in our history.

When you come to JAGS, you are allocated to a House for your whole time here, giving a real sense of continuity and creating strong house spirit.

Points mean prizes! Winning the House Shield is hotly-contested and points fly in from all directions: credits for academic work as well as involvement in House events and competitions. Everyone contributes energy and ideas to the annual House charity event, and it's great to see Year 7 working alongside Year 13s to make it all happen. You can play to your strengths entering House competitions in sports, music, art, drama and dance.

Each of the four houses raises money for a charity for which they've voted. They get right behind them; often there's a personal link which gives weight to the choice.This year Bettany is supporting World Vision - Syria Refugee Crisis Appeal, Clarke chose Reducing Cardiac Risk in the Young, Desenfans chose Royal Marsden Cancer Charity and Holst chose AFFCAD. We love supporting the House annual charity events and getting involved in the purpose behind it.

The concept of giving through fundraising, or time or ideas is written in bold from an early age. Thanks to the initiative of Alice Guillaume in Y13, we donated an incredible 1.1 tonnes, 6000 items, to the PECAN foodbank over a period of four weeks, building our first foodbank mountain in the Judge Hall. Alice was awarded a special certificate and we hope the seeds have been sown for JAGS girls to look for other such opportunities in their home locality. As a school we can reflect on a year’s inspired, creative, practical graft and fundraising for AFFCAD UK - a charity started by Biology teacher, Miss Liz Parker - helping new friends in the slums of Bwaise, Uganda, to build and run a primary school, to keep the Youth Employment Scheme going there, to build a chicken farm to feed the children sustainably, to launch a rehabilitation programme for young girls living on the streets. Well done to the AFFCAD team of JAGS girls. The project has united staff and pupils across the years; Miss Parker was recognised nationally as a Citizen of the Year.

The House Charity events are always great fun, and it’s good to have the sixth form in charge, bringing all ages together.  You can read about the events on each House page. Last year the girls in Y7-9 raised an amazing £2568 for Water Aid, over £500 for Jeans for Genes and £300 with sales of poppies for the British Legion. Bringing together performers from Y7-13, the annual Multicultural Evening, organised by Y12 as a celebration of our diverse cultural backgrounds, raised an amazing £1800 for AFFCAD UK. Gospel Choir leaders Flo Savage and Rita Otto put together a wonderful programme for their show in the Prissian Theatre, fundraising for AFFCAD UK and for Sparrow Schools in Johannesburg, with whom we have enjoyed a special relationship for 15 years.