Library 2Books, computers, internet, DVDs, and online resources: JAGS Library is a place for information and study. It’s where girls can find the classics of literature and the latest in news. It’s at the heart of the school and has a central role in JAGS’ proud record of academic achievement. Purpose-designed, the Library carries a huge stock of fiction and non-fiction books, newspapers and periodicals, laptops and PCs, and other materials for individual and classroom study. Professionally-qualified Library staff work closely with academic departments to ensure that Library material is up to date and relevant to coursework and the girls’ wider interests.

LibraryThe Library is a place for quiet study, where girls can optimise the use of free periods and discover for themselves the boundless information that is contained in the resources provided. There are school wide links for staff and girls to access our comprehensive online resources via the Library Online Bookshelf, from encyclopaedias to academic articles on JSTOR as well as the Library catalogue. We also have membership of The London Library and can obtain any items required for research purposes.

JAGS Library is open before the school day starts and after it finishes, and throughout the lunch period; staff are always on hand to advise and guide. We can help girls find the right book to read and help them to develop their skills to become lifelong learners.

???????????????????????????????Topical displays and quizzes are a regular feature of the Library, and an enlightened purchasing policy means that there are always new books and new information sources to peruse. We hold author events each term and support school Book Clubs. We welcome student involvement in the Library through the Duke of Edinburgh programme. Students can also sign up as Library Form Monitors. For borrowers and browsers, the Library offers a service to the whole school community.

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Visiting Author: Marie Louise Jensen

Y7 welcomed author Marie-Louise Jensen to JAGS in October. Ms Jensen was introduced to the eager crowd by a fellow pupil and we were the spectators of a power point presentation put together by the lady herself.  The author was dressed in the attire of the Edwardian working class; a brown cap covered her tresses, brown breaches over her legs and a brown waistcoat adorned her torso.  We listened intently as Ms Jensen explained why she was dressed in the Edwardian style: she was promoting her new book which is set in Edwardian era. Her other books were also summarised in the presentation - Daughter of Fire and Ice, The Girl in the Mask, Sigrund's Secret, Smuggler's Kiss and the Lady in the Tower.

At the end of the presentation two of the girls presented Ms Jensen with a bouquet of flowers and thanked her for coming.  Marie-Louise Jensen answered questions, autographed copies of her books and excited a few girls by telling them she would use their names in future novels!  Those who already knew Marie-Louise's work were left happy and those who did not were enlightened!

Mahalia Nesbeth Bain Y7

Y7 girls with visiting author, Marie Louise Jensen

Visiting Author: Saci Lloyd

As a special Book Week treat award winning author Saci Lloyd paid Year 8 a visit and talked to us about a few of her books. It was a fun experience full of interesting facts and a breath-catching cliff-hanger at the end. I enjoyed the talk immensely and so did the rest of year 8. Thank you to Saci Lloyd for a such an inspiring talk and a massive thanks to the Librarians for organising the talk!

Monica Volini 8J

Visiting author Saci Lloyd