At Key Stage 3 PSHCE makes use of the unique relationship between form tutor and tutee. Every Tuesday morning each form in Years 7-9 spends 25 minutes in a more informal context than they might with their usual timetabled lessons. Form teachers lead often very discursive sessions with the girls in their forms, exploring and debating different issues. The emphasis of KS3 PSHCE sessions is very much on the 'P', or the 'Personal', both in delivery and in terms of content. Our trusting and welcome relationship within forms enables discussions in which the girls feel confident to share their views and opinions with enthusiasm. You may wish to read our PSHCE policy document

Every KS3 class begins every new academic Year with a reminder of the importance of using the internet and other social media safely and maturely. In Year 7, this is unit is prefaced by team building games and activities as the new girls get to know one another and celebrate diversity within their form, and the wider school community.

In Year 8 the focus moves to moral decision making where the girls are given an introduction to ethical decision making, and gain the opportunity to see how and where this might fit into their own lives.

Year 9 PSHCE focuses primarily on self-esteem and well-being, using a wide range of resources and activities to explore the subject to its fullest.

In Years 10 and 11 visiting speakers add their specialist voices to the mix. Subjects covered in lessons taught by tutors and experts include Ethics, Health Education, Current Issues and Personal Safety.