Senior School Curriculum

Our curriculum is ambitious and designed to be stimulating, including six modern and two classical languages, separate sciences, mathematics, English, the humanities, technology, sports, the creative arts and PSHCE. At GCSE we encourage you to keep a broad outlook: compulsory options include mathematics, sciences, English language and literature, a modern foreign language plus a practical or creative subject to ensure a balanced programme. After that it's up to you. When you've discovered your real passions and strengths, follow them to advanced level in the sixth form, perhaps also pursuing a special interest as an extended essay.

Learning and life should be fun so we're always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to engage the senses. Lessons in sacred dance and sari tying are very real ways in which Year 7 gain understanding of the spirituality of Sikhism, as are their visits to religious sites of other faiths. Year 8 work closely together for a day building towers, finding enterprising solutions to the science, technology, engineering and maths challenge. To discover history for themselves, sometimes visiting family graves, Year 9 tread the battlefields in Northern France and Belgium. Who needs Strictly when you've got an International Top of the Pops disco on Languages Day?

And to enthral you with the laws of the universe, there's our innovative annual science week. You might be singing a jaunty 'Categoric Variables' song in place of our usual assembly hymn, watching falcons, creating green slime or launching missiles!