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  • JAGS A level results 2016: 83% awarded A* or A
    Amazing A level results to report from pupils at James Allen’s Girls’ School A* - 38 % A* to A - 83% A* to B - 96%   We’ve raised the bar from last year with a staggering 38% of all the full A level subject entries being awarded A*, by far the…
  • Where will your gap year take you?
    Once upon a time someone dreamt of a scheme where students would spend a year between school and university discovering more about themselves and the world around them. JAGS pupils have seized these gap years with relish which have taken them in so many directions. The 2015 leavers are a case in point:…
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sixth form girlsA fun, dynamic group of up to two hundred girls, the sixth form is structured so that you can take new directions supported by what is reassuringly familiar. We blend Year 12 with Year 13 in your tutor group and usually you share a subject in common; Year 13 have been through it all before and there's good advice on offer about work and about life beyond lessons.

You have so many opportunities to develop. You are wearing your own clothes; you are taking the next steps towards independence and we want to see initiative. The AS and A level work is challenging and rewarding; JAGS girls should do well in their exams, but we expect the sixth form also to make time to give back to their community. The House system brings girls of all ages together and works beautifully to give opportunities for leadership; the younger girls look up to the sixth form for direction in planning charity events, giving assemblies, coaching for sports, music, art and drama Inter-House competitions. The Liberal Studies programme with Dulwich College, running a club, getting involved in one of many Community Action projects, taking part in productions, concerts, teams and societies all add to the lively mix.

We want to get to know the whole you. A few new girls are welcomed each autumn. The warm, friendly atmosphere of the sixth form common rooms, and the close, personal interest teachers take in each individual makes the transition into the sixth form happy and successful.